Prior to 2010 or so when an agent received several offers on a listed property, they would present all offers to their sellers and explain the pros and cons of each offer and the seller would pick one and either accept it as written or offer a counter to the offer.  Then a bunch of bank owned and short sale properties hit the market and when these agents would receive multiple offers they would contact everyone and tell them to present their "highest and best" offer.  I thought it was a little rude and I never did that.  Normally, we just did what we always did and present all offers to our seller and help them decide which was the best offer.  If working with a buyer, then I let them know and they either kept their offer the same or raised their offer.  We got some and didn't get others. So be it.  But what has happened over time is the Realtors presenting offers EXPECT the listing agent to come back and let everyone know there are multiple offers.  I'm sorry but that is NOT a requirement.  I'm suggesting and will be putting in my "Realtor remarks" to "Make your highest and best offer the first time since we are not going to go back and do round two".  If you are making an offer in this market you can expect there are other buyers out there who also want the listed property.  Make your offer as though you already know that there are multiple offers!!!!!